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About Northwest Indiana Living

With Your Guide, Denise Mathews

Find Out About Northwest Indiana, One Community at a Time

The entire Region is one interesting and beautiful place, just look for it…!

As a professional photographer and studio owner for over 25 years, my default mode is to be an observer. I enjoy finding the beauty in everyday life, the story of real lives. The Northwest Indiana Region just happens to be one of those rare places that give us everything across the spectrum, from gritty city to beautiful beachfront to rolling farmlands.

This website, Northwest Indiana Living, is about exploring The Region.  It’s about documenting the beauty and truths about Northwest Indiana and our very different communities, all bound together as Proud Region Rats.  Join me as I uncover the real NW Indiana.

Denise Mathews Realtor is our guide in finding out about Northwest Indiana thru this website Northwest Indiana Living
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How I Became A Blogger

I actually became a Realtor.

The full-time, studio photography business changed once camera phones took over.  I found myself needing a new direction in my 40s.

Real estate was a natural fit. It let me take my love of building and growing a small business and combined it with my proven people skills, analytical mind, plus a long-standing interest in houses and their design, lives lived in their spaces.

Real Estate Agent seemed like a perfect choice in the early 2010s.

And it was! It’s everything I love: Representing my side to the fullest, fighting for my side (my familial nickname when I was a kid was The Lawyer).  Using my artistic side in the marketing, and analytical side in the planning.

My secret weapon, my people-reading skills, work so well in the negotiations.  My never-ending drive to succeed is a force field throughout.  I’ve been blessed to share in my client’s life-changing moments, putting great living spaces with real people.

You know what sucks for me though…a trained observer, this introverted, overthinking, ambitious ex-artist with a knack for entrepreneurism?  The social part.  The “networking” part.  I’ve always let my photography, my talent, and my work ethic speak for me.

Shaking hands and passing out cards at events is not my style. So I’ve chosen to “network” by serving my community in my own way.

The website, Northwest Indiana Living, is my low-key party.  Delivering first, reaping my rewards in due time through trust and competence.

I became a blogger because it lets me reach out in a real way, giving value, and exploring The Region for all of us. I want to find out about Northwest Indiana.

It satisfies my artistic side.  And my opinionated side.

I hope you enjoy the information, find some humor and beauty in NWI thru my eyes, and come to know me as a Northwest Indiana real estate expert that you can trust.


Things To Do In The Region

Quick reads, images, links, and info about things to do and places to explore in Northwest Indiana.


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