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Communities of Northwest Indiana

The Region's Cities and Towns

Lake County

The proximity to Chicago, both for fun and work, make Lake County communities very attractive to live in.  In fact, many of our 498,700 residents enjoy the best of both worlds…Chicago wages with the lower Indiana taxes combined with lower home prices.  Add in the diversity between urban, suburban, and rural.  Beachfront to farm fields.  Lake County really does have it all.

Lake County borders the Indiana/Illinois state line to the west. Lake Michigan is to the north, Porter County to the east, Jasper and Newton Counties to the south.

Porter County

With only one-third of its neighboring county’s population, 173,215 people call Porter County home.  It is still conveniently located, drawing people preferring less city and industrial areas.  Even lower taxes than Lake County bring many Regionites a little further east to enjoy less hustle and bustle of Porter County.  Plus a little more space per resident.

Porter County is surrounded by Lake County to the west, Lake Michigan to the north, LaPorte County to the east, and Pulaski County to the south.

Communities of Northwest Indiana

Lake County Cities and Towns

NW Indiana County boundary map

The Rest of the Northwest Indiana Counties

While this website, Northwest Indiana Living, concentrates on only Lake and Porter Counties and their communities, other counties also make up the rest of NWI. Follow their links below for information on these counties: