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Wicker Park Manor

Also called Frog Hollow

Wicker Park Manor is a subdivision located in Highland Indiana. It’s conveniently located immediately off Indianapolis Blvd. near 80/94, across the street from the golf course at Wicker Memorial Park.  Developed in the 50s with a few houses around a loop, this area has some of the most affordable priced homes in Highland.

In 1990, the area had a major flood when the Calumet River flowed over a dike lowered by the Tri-State bus company to expand their parking lot. The homes in Wicker Park Manor Subdivision were underwater, and the nickname Frog Hollow has stuck. The dike was rebuilt even higher than the original and it seems to be under control.

Homes were remediated for pollutants and rebuilt including replacing mechanicals, so there are no lingering issues from the floods with these homes. Children living here go to Johnston Elementary School.


Wicker Park Manor is also knwn as Frog Hollow and this is its town boundaries near the expressway

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