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Lake County Indiana

Lake County Indiana is the uppermost northern and western county in the state. To the north is Lake Michigan, west is the Indiana/Illinois border, south is Jasper County, and east is Porter County. Crown Point is the county seat, centered out of the Lake County Government Building.

Commonly called The Region, the north part of the county is considered part of the Chicago Metropolitan Area. It is so convenient to Chicago, with more career opportunities, that it is in many ways a commuter suburb of Chicago….except with much lower taxes and lower cost of living.

Lake County enjoys some of the best choices for every kind of lifestyle and need. This area was literally built out of northwesterly swampland by the heavily industrialized areas that still exist today. This area still has its gritty city feel.  Suburban Cities and towns developed south and east as workers sought urban flight.

Each of these communities have a feel of their own, a history tying us all together. Get specific facts about each town by clicking on the links below.


The Cities and Towns in Lake County Indiana

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