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Hammond Central High School is located at the former site of Hammond High School, 5926 Calumet Avenue, Hammond, IN 46320. It indeed replaces the old Hammond High and gives a new home to its student body, starting with the 2021-22 school year. But Hammond Central High is so much more.

This new high school is part of the good things happening in Hammond, the investment by The City of Hammond in its community, such as The Hammond Sportsplex.

Hammond Central High School Main Entrances

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Clark, Gavit, And Hammond High School Close To Make Room For The New Hammond Central High

At one time, the population of Hammond supported 4 high schools. But as the population decreased, and the school buildings began to show the effects of age, some hard decisions needed to be made.

In the end, it was decided it was a much better use of the city’s revenue and resources to build a new state-of-the-art high school, the new Hammond Central High School, instead of putting money into aging structures and now redundant staffing.

Gavit High School, Clark High School, and Hammond High School officially closed their doors with their last graduating Classes of 2021.

Gavit HS


Hammond HS

Hammond High School - panoramio

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Clark HS


The New Hammond Central High School Honors Its Roots

While Gavit, Clark and Hammond High Schools no longer exist, they will never be forgotten. Alumni will always have their memories and rivalries. New generations of Hammond students will still know the importance and pride of the past.

The new school honors its past everywhere.

The historic Class of 1924 bench that sat outside of the original Hammond High School now sits in a place of honor at the beautiful entrance of the new Hammond Central HS.

Inside the new school, the old school colors of Gavit, Clark, and Hammond High decorate shared spaces. The preceding school logos are displayed proudly, yet the new Wolves logo stirs up a new Region-pride for the future.


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Hammond Central’s Amenities Bring State-Of-The-Art To Students

Upper and Lower Classmen Wings

The 338,000 square foot Hammond Central High School building was originally designed to include both the high school and junior high school in two separate wings, with the shared media area in the center. In the end, the entire building is high school only with the wings separating the upper and lower classmen.


Multiple Sports Facilities

The main gymnasium, auxiliary gym, weight and wrestling room, pool, and outdoor athletic fields rival any area high school. The new uniforms showcase the Hammond Central Wolves logo.

Media Center

The Media Center sits in the center of the school connecting the two wings. It is an inspiring space for information and learning.

Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is a multi-use auditorium that can function as extra meeting center or sporting event site also.

Senior Chill Room

The student body was asked for input on what they would like in a new school and that is how the Chill Room came to be. It is a designated quiet room off the cafeteria for upper classmen only.

The School City Of Hammond Doesn’t Forget Morton High School Students

While the students of Hammond Central High School enjoy all the new amenities, the School City of Hammond is striving to keep the two Hammond high schools as equal as possible.

For instance, the Black Box Theater was intentionally built smaller to accent Morton High School’s Performing Arts Theater, not compete with it.

Morton did get a new synthetic carpet football field and track recently. But current improvements to Morton High School include a new gymnasium floor, science labs, and windows.

The New School Should Bring Increased Demand For Nearby Homes 

The beautiful new Hammond Central High, and its improved surroundings, make the area so much more attractive to potential homeowners. With the state-of-the-art high school, as well as the improvements being made on Hohman Avenue, these affordable area homes in central and north Hammond just might be the next hot area.

Homes For Sale Near Hammond Central High School In Hammond, IN


How many students attend Hammond Central High School?

1904 students, in grades 9 thru 12, attend Hammond Central High School.

How much did it cost to build Hammond Central High School?

$100 Million

What high schools are in Hammond?

Hammond Central High School and Morton High School are the 2 public high schools in Hammond, IN.

In addition, Hammond is home to the Hammond Area Career Center, which also serves surrounding towns and gives students the option of hands-on trades training. There are also 2 private high schools: Bishop Noll High School and City Baptist High School.

Also, The Excel Center is an adult charter high school open to all Indiana residents to earn their diploma.

Who is the Principal and Vice Principals at Hammond Central High School?

Principal: David Verta

Hammond Central High School has 4 Vice Principals, one for each grade. The VP is assigned to the class during their incoming freshman year and that VP follows them thru their senior year and graduation.

Assistant Principal Class of 2026: Dameca Harrison

Assistant Principal Class of 2025: David Borsits

Assistant Principal Class of 2024: Edward Garcia

Assistant Principal Class of 2023: Jennifer Rycerz

What district is Hammond Central High School in?

Hammond Central High School is in the School City of Hammond district.