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The History of Ridge Road in Highland and The Region

Looking up at the homes on the hill side of Ridge Road, you can imagine it as the sandy beach shore of Lake Michigan that was once there instead, forever ago. The lower areas of north Highland, and everything north was actually under water back then.

Shifting glaciers pushed a ridge of land up higher than the lake, trapping water on both sides. This ridge of higher land became a convenient traveling route, when the Native Americans ruled the land and settlers developed the area thru proximity to Chicago.

What started as a trail forged on the ridge of some high land between large bodies of water eventually became Ridge Road in Highland!

Ridge Road is one of the first roads in Indiana and essential to The Region’s growth. For history lovers, you might like this in-depth history of how Lake Michigan was formed.

What It’s Like To Live On Ridge Road

About 20 years ago, I bought one of the homes for sale on Ridge Road in Highland, IN. I was a professional photographer at the time and the location was perfect to build a photo studio and outdoor photopark on the large lot behind the house. Over the years, I have collected stories and firsthand experiences from living in Northwest Indiana on Ridge Road in Highland. Let me tell you what it’s like to live on Ridge Road…

Pros of Living on Ridge Rd

Some of Highland's Largest Lots

Many of the homes on Ridge Rd. have large wooded lots and enjoy up to an acre of privacy. Lots that large in Highland are very rare indeed.

Older Historic Home Charm

Many of Highland’s first homes were built on Ridge Road, dating back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you’re looking for older home charm vs new build, it’s easy to find on Ridge.

Convenience To Everything!

Living on Ridge Rd. in Highland puts you very close to everything you need: Expressways, many restaurants, shopping, Police Department, Main Square Park.

Home Small Business Possibility

One of the interesting advantages of Ridge Road is it is one of the few locations in Highland where you may be able to get zoning permission to run a small business from your residential property. This is due to the mixed residential/business use already in place on this popular and convenient roadway.

Discounted Home Prices

While living on a busy road may be a plus for those considering mixing business use, it is normally a detriment in residential areas. Therefore, homes on busy roads generally sell for about a 10% discount from traditional residential areas.

Cons of Living on Ridge Rd

Ridge Road Traffic

You can hear the traffic on Ridge Road, although there are ways to minimize it. Sometimes the 80/94 expressway just north is backed up and Ridge Rd is used as the easy detour. You must be especially careful pulling out of your driveway. Once a minor car accident ended up in my front yard… 

Snow Surplus From Plows

As a resident on Ridge Road in Highland, my biggest pet peeve is the winter snow. This main road gets plowed first and regularly, which is great. However, the 2 lanes of plowed snow are continually deposited in the front of my driveway every storm.

No Privacy In Front Yard

If you are a very private person, living on Ridge Rd may not be for you. The front of your home will be visible from every car driving down Ridge.

Business/Residential Mixed

Businesses and community areas are common up and down Ridge Road in Highland, sometimes right next door to a residential single family home.Business-on-ridge-road-highland-indiana

Homes For Sale On Ridge Rd In Munster

Further west on Ridge Road, all the way west to the state line, are the homes for sale on Ridge Rd in Munster. They are some of the most distinctive and grand homes in all of Northwest Indiana.

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