Denise Mathews, Realtor, is a Northwest Indiana born, raised, and lifelong resident and multiple business owner. Join her in exploring The Region thru the Northwest Indiana Living website & social media sites.

Welcome to Northwest Indiana Living, a new website and blog.  We will concentrate on exploring The Region, specifically Lake and Porter Counties.  Our goal is to provide timely information for our residents, serve as a community resource hub, and explore the many neighborhoods and attractions of NW Indiana.

Meet Your Northwest Indiana Guide

This website is run by a real live person.  It is me, Denise Mathews.  A little about myself…I’m a born and raised resident of Lake County, Indiana.  For 15+ years I was a professional photographer and studio owner.  However, the photography market shifted with technology, and I traded in my photo studio for a real estate career. I am now an Associate Broker at Listing Leaders.

The career change was a natural fit.   After all, running your own small business for almost 2 decades certainly teaches you about business.   Additionally, a photographer instinctively navigates smoothly inside of a client’s often emotional milestones, to reach a common goal.  I miss hiding behind a camera sometimes.  I miss using my totally creative side.   This website, Northwest Indiana Living, as well as its sister social media channels, is my new artistic muse….

Denise Mathews administrator of Northwest Indiana Living website

If you know anything about real estate sales though, you know it’s a cutthroat business sometimes.  Any 100% commission job tends to be that way.  I refuse to play that ambulance chaser game though.  I’m here to give value, just like I did in my photo business.  My work ethic is strong and I live by The Golden Rule.  I’ll earn your business. This website is also my quiet way of giving first…

What to Expect from Northwest Indiana Living

I hope to inform you, entertain you, keep watch for you, and become your trusted NW Indiana expert.  I want you to think of Northwest Indiana Living when you need a trusted and transparent reporter.  Regularly published videos, handy lists, neighborhood tours, interesting history, and community info is always on deck.

I’ll always be glad to hear your content suggestions, as well as contributing authors may submit relevant content. In fact, I hope that community writers will take advantage of this offer and get local exposure thru their contributions to the site.  Let us all share the beauty, the strength, the diversity and even the secret special places of The Region amongst us.  Welcome to Northwest Indiana Living, let the adventure begin!

Areas Covered

Northwest Indiana covers the 5 most northwest counties in Indiana.  Those would be Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Jasper and Newton Counties.  However, only Lake and Porter County will dominate coverage.  We call this area The Region.  We proudly don the Region Rat moniker. Northwest Indiana’s uppermost area also enjoys proximity to Chicago in a huge way.   Conversely, coverage wouldn’t be complete without including the Greater Chicago area events and sights also.  If it’s part of life in NWI, it’s part of NW Living.

Photographers Are Especially Welcome To Northwest Indiana Living!

As you can imagine, I have a soft spot for photographers.  Especially new artists trying to get their name out there.  Running a photography business for almost 20 years was a dream come true and I’d love to help you get exposure for your NWI business.  But you don’t have to be an aspiring professional to get published here.  Anybody, any age, can feel free to submit your beautiful Region images for front page art!  Contact us here.

Thank you for giving our new blog a chance.  I’d appreciate it if you’d subscribe as a trail run and I’ll send you only the good stuff.  If it’s not your cup of tea, you can easily unsubsribe.  Regardless, welcome to Northwest Indiana Living.



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“Welcome to Northwest Indiana Living!”